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Grammy Nominated Trod Nossel Studios, established in Connecticut in 1966, the premier professional recording studio has been coined "one of the longest running recording studios of its kind in the world" by the media. It is a pioneer in the recording arts, audio and music production in Connecticut, and the surrounding region.  It is an organization dedicated to servicing artists and clients involved in the music, film and broadcast entertainment arts.

Trod Nossel Productions & Recording Studios, understood to mean "tree of many branches," stayed true to form over the years providing many branches of the industry: recording services, mastering , duplication, recording  and career consultation, engineering education, accredited college internship programs, concert booking agency, artist management, in-house live shows, on-the-job training, multiple  publishing companies housing 1200+ song titles, licensing, music rights management, a library of masters, and several record labels.

In 2018, a large deal was inked with a third party for the back catalog, and the studio began phasing out all outside recording client work. All recording work is now strictly internal for our acts and catalog. Some of the studio's historical equipment and possessions were lovingly re-homed and a limited setup remains at our facility only for the catalog; it is a work in progress and will continue for some time.

While the Trod Nossel Productions evolution of the Trod Nossel brand is exciting for us, we will always be grateful to the artists, songwriters, musicians, producers, friends, foes, staff, interns and family that have crossed the threshold of the studio and brought us here - we wouldn't change any of it. The catalog is the vehicle to perpetuate Trod Nossel Studios' legacy and brand. It's all about the music...

Check our a partial listing of past clients​​

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