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Trod Nossel Productions owns and controls an established music catalog of 1200+ songs and master recordings. Since the early 60s and through each decade, our catalog encompasses a unique mix of vintage, rare songs in multiple genres from our own vault, authentic to the era in which they were created.


In 2018, our catalog was effectively signed to an exclusive deal with our administrator, Fervor Records. Fervor provides unique publishing and distribution services with a global reach through their various partnerships domestically and abroad. They have released reissues from our catalog on their own label and negotiated others with third party labels. This alliance is great news for our writers; many who have

Sheet Music Metronome and Guitar

enjoyed success with various licenses and song placements.  Fervor Records was founded in 1989 and is home to a select roster of emerging indie bands, heritage artists, and an incredible array of cult hits, deep cuts and rarities from the 1920s to current day.


Our music has been featured in many television shows, films, networks & streaming services, advertising, online radio, podcasts, etc., and we represent the work of over 150 writers and artists. Through the decades with our own recording studio, we have been creating vintage music to modern masterpieces of today.

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