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Trod Nossel Studios, formerly Syncron Sound

Main Control Room circa 1965

The Trod Nossel Concert Series

Trod Nossel was historically one the first in the region to bring public audiences right into the studio for artists' live performances, beginning as early as the 1960s. Although live performances have continued up and through the present with some local and self-managed acts, the most famous of the Trod Nossel Concert Series occurred in the 1970s, the recordings of which are still highly sought after to this day (yet unreleased, pirated versions taped off the radio are floating around out on the web).

Artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Steppenwolf and Chick Corea would do a private, live concert at the facility while promoting their album on radio tours, or to promote a performance at an area coliseum. A select group won tickets off the radio and anywhere from 50-100+ folks got the thrill of a lifetime.  The concerts were simultaneously broadcast on WPLR New Haven, what is now Clear Channel Radio.












Other in-studio performances included artists appearing at the now-expanded Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT (Toyota Oakdale Theater) - through a partnership between the late, former Oakdale owner, Bennett Segal and Trod Nossel.  Celebrities such as George Burns, Susan Sarandon and others were some of the names that passed through. Despite several studios trying to follow suit, none have yet to amass or produce the cult following that the Trod Nossel Concert Series did.


More photos from a Fleetwood Mac concert in 1975 at Trod Nossel Studios.


Any photos from this collection labeled "Fleetwood Mac in a recording studio in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, October 1975", and some of the ones labeled "New Haven," were taken at Trod Nossel Studios. The photo of the band in the old car, particularly the one of Mick Fleetwood in color shows him in front of the yellow and red studio prior to it being painted blue decades later.




Stevie Nicks - Trod Nossel Studios Live Room Studio A - 1975

Fleetwood Mac - Front Lot Trod Nossel Studios - 1975

Trod Nossel Studios circa 1967

Mick Fleetwood

Trod Nossel Studios

Front Lot  - 1975

The Repairs Live at Trod Nossel Studios 1972
Courtesy: The Repairs / Jim Honeycutt
The Repairs Live at Trod Nossel Studios 1972

With Narration  and Behind The Scenes Footage

Courtesy: The Repairs / Jim Honeycutt
Beau Badrick Live at Trod Nossel Studios 2011
Courtesy: Trod Nossel Artists
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