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(price includes 1 engineer)

Trod Nossel Studios provides varying recording services to whet the palate of every type of musician and artist, from the novice to award-winning talent. The nearly 1,000 square foot main room sets the stage for the ultimate in sound; a sound Trod Nossel has become famous for. Due to the optimum acoustics of the room, we have preserved this historic live room as it's been since the 1960s, and continues to provide musicians with an unmatchable magic for anything recorded in it.

We offer a wide range of recording preferences, with over a half century of analog recording experience, to be used in conjunction with many outboard options for effects, along with state-of-the-art technology of today. We have an extensive equipment list that spans back through over 40 years of original, impeccably maintained, vintage gear to give your project that truly unique sound that can only be obtained by using the real thing, as well as a collection of newer gear, top of the line digital equipment, and Pro Tools HD plug-ins.


We will mix your project utilizing our many plug-ins "in the box" on our Pro Tools system, or using our outboard gear with you as the producer*.  


Our Pro Tools HD Mastering suite will provide that finishing touch on your recorded project.  

Mastering is the process of putting the finishing touches on your music and is the crucial audio step that comes just before manufacturing a CD. It is probably one of the most widely misunderstood processes of recording and is often mistaken for mixing.

Once you have finished recording and mixing your songs, the tracks are equalized, shaped, compressed, fine-tuned and arranged through the mastering process. It is what gives clarity, punch, depth, volume and organization to the music. It is part technical expertise, part science, alchemy and a whole lot of artistry on the part of the engineer. Mastering is an art form, itself, and is no different the writing songs, production, singing, performing, etc.



CD Drive


Whether you have old tapes or vinyl recordings you want to preserve on CD or in digital format such as Pro Tools multi-track (2" analog), Trod Nossel offers a wide range of audio conversion options for transferring one format to another. From DATs, to audio reels, DA88's and ADAT, and from cassettes, microcassettes, old vinyl to CD, and everywhere in between, we can handle most types of transfers.

We also offer tape baking services for an additional charge. Some older tapes require a special "baking" process in order to be transferred. We have a custom built tape baking oven to prep your old tapes for processing.

You spent time and money on those old recordings, projects and vinyl. Transferring them into a current media format is the only way to preserve them and/or make them available for future use.

Put a CD together and duplicate in various quantities (Not all replicators will produce small quantities). Sell your product to your audience, clients or for presentation purposes.

You will be able to release your own CDs and reorder only when you need to. No minimum quantities!

Music / Multimedia / Software

  • We do small to mid-sized quantities

  • True audio bit-by-bit CD duplication

  • Thermal printing directly on CD

  • CD Jewel case & tray

  • Shrink-Wrap

  • Faster turnaround

  • Friendly, Highly-Personalized service from start to finish.

  • We only use the best quality CD blank media.

No artwork? No problem. We also offer graphic design services for a fee.

Mixing Console



Since the 60s, Trod Nossel has launched and cultivated the careers of many prior engineers that have worked for/with us, as well as others through our consultation services. We offer one on one consultation to anyone needing engineering consultation or technical support of any kind with regard to audio recording and/or production. We have consulted clients on everything from helping to set up a home studio, to mic'ing techniques, and private instruction on specific Pro Tools, digital recording and/or digital audio manipulation for those who need assistance with specific and unique issues. Consultation during real studio sessions with recording clients may be arranged in that you get to work side-by-side with an engineer (assist) in a real studio recording session.**** Since we've evolved with the recording industry for many decades, we are versed in audio evolution and just about any audio issues you may encounter or desire to gain information on. We recommend compiling and bringing with you a list of questions prior to your consultation.  We will also come to you to help you set up your rig.



Since the 60s, Trod Nossel has launched and cultivated the careers of many artists who are still enjoying success today. We offer comprehensive career counseling on just about any subject an artist needs direction on, from putting together a live booking package, to publishing and copyrighting songs, registration of publishing companies and writer PROs, and everything in between. We recommend compiling and bringing with you a list of questions prior to your consultation. Consultations are done by appointment only and are fee based.

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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter



With a catalog spanning back to the mid 60s, we have well over 1,000 song titles, as well as master recordings, representing approximately 150 writers.  Each is authentic to the era in which it was created. Our songs have been placed in TV shows, film, documentaries, ABC, Disney, HBO, various TV advertisements, sports broadcasts on ESPN, and many more.  Stay in touch for  a catalog expansion project in 2019.  ***  



*** Please do not send us music unless we request it. We do not accept unsolicited material.  However, we occasionally post requests on our facebook page for new music submissions.


We offer digital graphic design for your CD Project, utilizing templates of your choice from the various duplication companies such as Discmakers, CD Baby, etc.  We also will work with you to design the art to create artist posters, live show announcements, banners or any other promotional media you need.  We provide camera ready art in the format of your choice for you to submit to your vendor.



The majority of our clients are self-produced, and/or bring in their own producers, as well as on occasion, their own engineers. However, in the event our production services are desired, we offer independent production services.

For clients in need of instrumentation, musicians, arrangers, composers or vocalists on their projects, we have a community of studio musicians that we work with to fulfill your needs.

The above are a work for hire and requires an additional fee to any basic studio recording/engineering costs.

*  We offer production services at an additional rate

** All Services are by appointment only

*** We do not accept or listen to unsolicited material

**** Contingent upon recording client approval. EFAD Program(tm) - Engineer For A Day Consultation

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