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Trod Nossel


Est. 1966


Grammy Nominated Trod Nossel Studios, established in Connecticut in 1966, is the premier professional recording studio that has been coined "one of the longest running recording studios of its kind in the world" by the media. It is a pioneer of recording studios in Connecticut, and the surrounding region, and is an organization dedicated to servicing artists and clients involved in the music, film and broadcast entertainment arts.


We are conveniently located in central Connecticut, between Boston and New York City with quick access to major highways and train lines.




  • Studio Recording - All Formats

  • Two Full Pro Tools HD Recording Systems

  • CD and Cassette Duplication

  • Digital Editing

  • Mastering

  • Studio Musicians, Arrangers & Composers

  • Consultation (Technical & Career)

  • Production Services

  • Format Transfers (LP, Cassette, Tape to Digital)

  • Graphic Design


Trod Nossel Studios provides varying recording services in our 1,000 sq. ft. live room, 300 sq ft control room and 4 isolation rooms for every type of musician and artist, from the novice, to award-winning talent. 


Let our trained ears mix your project utilizing our various plug ins "in the box," or using our console and outboard gear; or a mix of both.


You've poured your heart and soul into your project, let us do the final polishing for that professional sound in our mastering suite. We'll master both old and new recordings.


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Ready to book a session or inquire about our services? 


Call us at 203.269.4465

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Trod Nossel Studios

10 George Street

Wallingford, CT  06492


Tel: 203.269.4465

Sessions Available 24/7 By Prior Appointment Only


Office Hours Contingent Upon Studio Schedule

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