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Welcome to the publishing and licensing division of the historic Trod Nossel Productions and Recording Studios, established first in 1962 as Syncron Sound Studios (manufacturer of the rare, Syncron microphones AU7-A and S10), before changing the name to Trod Nossel in 1966.  Trod Nossel was conceived by Dr. Thomas J. Cavalier in a small apartment above the office of his dental and oral surgery office in Hamden, CT, where he lived with his wife and young family.  He was approached a night out with his wife and friends where they frequented by a band to bankroll a project. He accepted and brought them back and forth to New York to record before realizing there was a "studio" right in Wallingford, CT called, "Syncron Sound Studios."  They were only set up as a microphone manufacturing plant at the time, but Doc's reputation quickly spread, and the owner at the time wanted the "new big CT band manager and producer" as a client. He accommodated Doc and his artists with a 4-track recorder pretending to be a recording studio and pulled it off without a hitch.  Before long, a friend of Cavalier and his wife who owned a bank, asked if Doc can help as the current owner of the "studio" was about to be taken over due to financial difficulty. Doc purchased the debt and subsequently the studio/property, shortly thereafter renamed it "Trod Nossel" and the rest is history.
Back in the day our live room doubled as a TV studio where Yale acting hopefuls such as Henry Winkler came and filmed a public service announcement against littering as one of his earliest acting debuts.  Trod Nossel is a music production and industry icon and the recording studio was coined by the media as one of the longest running recording studios of its kind in the world. We've also been called the "Sound City Of The East" on numerous occasions due to our rich history and client list.  The existence of the music catalog dates as far back in history as the studio.
Housed by several subsidiary publishing companies under the umbrella such as Rohm Music, Obsessive Songs, Poison Ring Productions, QVQ Music, Tom Rob Music, Trod Nossel Music Productions, and Linesider Music, the signature psychedellic 60s garage rock publisher, our catalog is comprised of some of the most authentic songs available for licensing; showcasing our collection of over 1,000 titles. Since each title genuinely represents the era in which it was created, our catalog not only consists of some of the most authentic songs and music any music director, music supervisor, ad agency or artist could want or need, we also write custom compositions as we have a commercial audio production facility at our disposal 24/7.
Our titles contain many different genres, tempos and moods and span across the decades beginning in the mid 60s, right through to the current and contemporary sound of today. Several writers' careers were launched by our catalog such as Al Anderson (Trisha Yearwood, NRBQ, etc.), and rock icons like Cub Koda's (Smokin' In The Boys Room) titles are controlled by our company, QVQ Music. Michael DelGuidice of Billy Joel's band, also a songwriter, is among our writers.
Besides our publishing we also own and control numerous master recordings, including the 25 popular (but never released) Trod Nossel Concert Series, when fledgling bands in the 70s did radio tours and live concerts in our studio such as Fleetwood Mac, Chick Corea and Steppenwolf.  Various releases have been made on our label brands such as Poison Ring Records, TNA Records, MCS Records and others.
Because in most cases we control both publishing and masters, clearances are quick. The majority of our publishing catalog can also easily be licensed through the Harry Fox Agency or Carlin America (Cabas titles).

2015: Main Control Room Studio A

1970s: Main Control Room Studio A

1965: Main Control Room Studio A (now an iso room)

1966: Studio A Live Room (doubled as TV studio in 1966)

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